Ya Bao, wild winter tea

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Origin : China

Wild white tea buds, picked in winter, dried in the sun and intact.  Tea low in theine, high-end, whose production is very reduced. Sweet taste with fresh notes. Ya Bao is just unique!


Ya Bao, exceptional quality tea picked from wild tea plants in the Yunnan area during the winter months. Depending on the weather conditions, the shades of the buds change from creamy white to slightly changing moss green tones. The production is quite purist: after picking, the buds are dried in sunlight. They are also called “white pu-erh”, because prolonged storage, called “aging”, allows to reach other degrees of maturity. Pleasantly scented with a hint of bitterness and floral freshness in the palate, the cup is white and golden after infusion.     The infusion is made several times, directly in the bowl where one drinks.  The lips filter the buds, and at the end they are crunched in the mouth for the final pleasure of tasting.  

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Evening, Exeption, Very low in theine, White tea


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