Gunpowder Temple Céleste Bio

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Origin : China

Our Gunpowder Temple Céleste Bio is a green tea from China, shaped like small balls like gunpowder, with large leaves, low in theine and sweet in taste. Great quality but economical. Origin BIO


An economical and large-leaf, Gunpowder Temple Céleste BIO tea is one of the most popular teas in China. However, this organic variety is largely exported, as global demand far exceeds domestic demand. The typical gunpowder form is created by wetting the leaves repeatedly during the short roasting period, which slows down the drying process and results in curling of the leaves.

This organic version can also be infused more than once which will reduce the slightly tart character.

Origin BIO

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Bag 50g, Bag 100g, Bag 200g, Tin 150g


Economical, Green tea, Low in theine, Organic origin, Without theine


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