Kukicha Grillé Bio

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Origin : Japon

Kukicha Grillé Bio is a special variety of green tea, made with the stems of Sencha or Bancha, and toasted.  Sweet taste with notes of coffee and chocolate, practically without theine and very pleasant and different.

From Organic cultivation.


This quality of green tea from organic cultivation from Japan is largely composed of leaf stems, called “Kuki”, which are obtained during the production of Sencha or Bancha. It is therefore almost free of theine, but rich in trace elements.

Kukicha Grillé is a special specialty of green tea. The note of sweet coffee is somewhat reminiscent of dark chocolate. Despite its characteristic appearance, its taste is discreet and discovering it is a pleasant experience. It is suitable both during the day and in the evening. Try a second infusion for this tea, it is generous.


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Exeption, Green tea, Japan, Organic origin, Without theine


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