Sencha Fukuyu (Japan)

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Origin : Japan

Sencha Fukuyu, high quality autumn tea.  Produced in the Shizuoka region, on the mountain slopes of Fujiyama in Japan. Cup generally light, characteristic flavor with iodine notes.


This Sencha Fukuyu tea comes from Shizuoka on the slopes of Fujiyama, where half of the Japanese tea is produced. This Sencha is harvested in autumn. Broken stems and pieces are removed by hand. Sencha means “steamed tea”. This tea is carefully processed and lightly steamed before being rolled and dried. The leaf thus obtains a very fine and fragile structure. A great ambassador from Japan!

The infusion is a shimmering light olive green. The taste is distinct with a prolonged dominant note. Ideal for those who love strong green teas.

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Exeption, Green tea, Japan


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