Matcha Tai Shan Organic

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Origin : China

Matcha Tai Shan de Chine Bio, traditional powdered tea from China, intense green, as good for tasting as for the preparation of savory or sweet dishes. Sweet scent, pronounced and full-bodied taste.  Tonic, high-end.  Origin BIO


This Matcha is grown organically on the Tai Shan tea plantation in northwestern Zhejiang Province, in China. Just as is done with high-quality gyokuros, the selected tea bushes are kept in the shade for some time before harvest, in order to increase their chlorophyll content.
Compared to Japanese production, this matcha of light color, reed green and finely powdered offers a rather robust character with a lot of volume and the typical taste of green teas. Whipped in a bowl it gives a soft green mousse with a strong and fresh bouquet as well as a slight acidity in the aftertaste. Its qualities are also highly appreciated when Matcha is used in cooking to prepare savory or sweet dishes.

The preparation of Matcha requires unique utensils, which give us the pleasure of touching Japanese culture.  We have everything you will need to successfully prepare this precious tea.  Do not hesitate to visit our Accessories to choose those of your preference.

Sold in metal box of 25g Origin BIO

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Tin 25g


Economical, Exeption, Green tea, Organic origin


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