Sunda Purwa PS de Java

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Origin : Java

Sunda Purwa is a Pekoe tea that impresses with an expressive body and intense flavor even after being infused a few times. Economical product.


Indonesia offers not only the classic black teas in Sumatra and Java, but also very well produced green teas. In the middle of the 19th century, green tea production began around bandung city. In Kiwidey, a little south of Bandung.

The “Sunda Purwa” is harvested and produced almost all year round. This type of rustic Pekoe made from medium leaves is a variety very close to the terroir with excellent quality. It impresses with its expressive character and intense flavor even after being infused several times. Economical tea.

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Cold drink, Economical, Green tea, Hot drink, Low in theine, Morning, Very low in theine


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