Matcha Ujicha Organic

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Origin : Japan

Matcha Ujicha du Japon Bio, the traditional powdered tea in Japan, intense green, for tasting. Sweet scent, aromatic and full-bodied taste.  Tonic, high-end. Origin BIO.


We are delighted to be able to offer the ever-growing “Matcha Ujicha du Japon Bio” fan base yet another top quality from organic cultivation. According to legend, tea has been cultivated in Uji District since the early thirteenth century. The first Matcha would have been produced towards the end of the sixteenth century. Altitudes of 250 m, calcium-rich soil and dominant mists provide the ideal conditions for excellent and complex green teas. During its preparation, the bright emerald green Matcha unfolds intense, matte green hues, which are crowned by a soft green creamy foam. Its aroma is sweet, fruity and its taste rich and full-bodied. The preparation of Matcha requires unique utensils, which give us the pleasure of touching Japanese culture.  We have everything you will need to successfully prepare this precious tea.  Do not hesitate to visit our Accessories to choose those of your preference.

Sold in metal box of 25g Origin BIO

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Tin 25g


Exeption, Green tea, Japan, Organic origin


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