Tamaryokucha Bio (Japan)

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Origin : Japon

Tamaryokucha du Japon, high-end tea from Japan, surprising by its bright green, which stands out even more in contact with water. Bouquet with lime tones and sweet notes of spinach. For curious palates and even without experience.  Organic Origin



This organic Tamrayokucha du Japon is grown and produced in Miyazaki Prefecture, Kyu Shu Island.  The amount of production of this relatively scarce variety argues in favor of quality. Its name announces its value: Tama = precious stone/jewel | Ryoku = green| Cha = tea.

Tamaryokucha retains its original appearance during the production process, slightly reminiscent of Chun Mee but with an intensely green leaf. Its bouquet with spinach with fruity notes and its cup with lime tones are a real pleasure before the tasting, the leaves are very delicate and eat them after its infusion and a plus.  To discover by lovers of green tea, even inexperienced!

A tip, when cooking a fillet of fish, cod, for example, cover it with dry Tamaryokucha leaves, so that the tea hydrates with the moisture that comes out of the fish.  A little salt will be enough to have a delicate, original and beautiful dish. Organic Origin

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Exeption, Green tea, Japan, Organic origin


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