Fleur de Thé Rose Royale

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Theine level:

Origin : China

Beautiful work of Chinese art, green tea leaves sewn to flowers, in a bouquet that openswhile you see it, that’s our Fleur de Thé Rosa Royale. We offre you a tea flower if you buy us a transparent teapot.


The leaf tips produced in Guangnan County (Yunnan) are carefully humidified before being refined. Then, skilled hands bind them together with two freshly cut marigold and rose blossoms into small pieces of art.

The Fleur de Thé Royal Rose unfolds its exceptional splendour in the infusion. A play of colours of red and orange-coloured blossoms, spread in a sea of emerald green, delicate leaf tips. Colour nuances of ripe limes surround the flowery, fragrant bouquet. Ingredients: green tea, marigold blossoms, rose blossoms.

We offer you a Tea Flower if you buy a transparent teapot.  You can see it among ours accessories.

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Tin of 10 flowers, Tin of 6 flowers


Exeption, Green tea, Low in theine


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