Jaune Huang Ya

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Origin : Chine

Huang Ya Yellow tips is a high-end green tea, of the so-called “muffled” variety because it is wrapped in cloths to dry slowly. 

Light in taste, very low in theine and very rich in antioxidants.



Our Jaune Huang Ya is a yellow tea from the Simao region of Yunnan, China.

Production begins with what is known as “pan-firing”, in which the tea is lightly roasted in a kind of wok so that the enzymes responsible for the fermentation process are destroyed. The still warm leaves are then carefully wrapped in cloths to let the remaining moisture dry naturally and slowly for several hours.  This step is repeated until the leaves have reached the right degree of maturity.  The yellow tips develop a unique spicy sweetness, accompanied by a fresh and fine resonance.  The end result is a fabulous green tea, special, light, very low in theine and rich in antioxidants.

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Exeption, Green tea, Organic origin, Very low in theine


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