Rukeri Pekoe Bio

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Origin : Rwanda

Tea rich in taste and full-bodied, quality “Pekoe” deeply black. Produced in Rwanda, it surprises us with its bouquet with citrus notes. Excellent at breakfast, it accepts a cloud of milk.
Origin BIO

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Origin : Rwanda

Pekoe teas enjoy large popularity among tea purists due to their “make” and high yielding characteristic. This organically cultivated Pekoe tea from Rwanda has a medium grind and deeply black leaf appearance. The full-bodied, strong presence comes with a delicate citrus note in the aftertaste. The Infusion is copper-coloured and has a long lasting, robust character. Rukeri Pekoe Bio is perfect for lovers of the traditional tea trade. Origin BIO.

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Black tea, Economical, English style, Milk cloud, Morning, Organic origin


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