Shu Pu Erh Brick 500g Organic

122.00  TTC

Theine level:

Origin : China

High-end Chinese tea, whose leaf has undergone several stages of maturation and rest to achieve the desired quality. Low in theine, without bitterness, recommended to finish meals, even in the evening.

Organic Origin


After harvesting, this tea undergoes a complex production process that lasts about 1.5 months, and in the end it is pressed in the form of bricks, like SHENG (raw) Pu Erh, to continue ripening after pressing.  It gains in taste and finesse with age.

Like all Pu Erh it can be infused several times, and its theine level is very low.  Taste of undergrowth, dark cup and original aroma make this tea an exceptional specialty.

To break this compact brick is used either a hatchet or a sculptor’s chisel.

Organic Origin

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Exeption, Low in theine, Organic origin, Pu Erh


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