Montréal Vert

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Montréal Vert is the green tea version of the classic  Montréal Oolong.  As a green tea it can be an excellent base of iced tea your favourite tea every day.
Ingredients: greentea, walnut kernels, pieces of hazelnuts and almonds.






Yes! The liquid gold from Canada has conquered the green tea. Dive into an exceptional taste experience of sweet, viscous maple syrup and crunchy walnuts. A hint of brittle adds the perfect touch to this tea: the hymn “Oh Canada” in a slightly different tune. Un icedtea delicious with a touch of milk and a fez of maple syrup! Delicious as our  Montréal Oolong!

Ingredients: sencha green tea, walnut kernels, hazelnut pieces and almond pieces.

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Cold drink, Economical, Green tea, Nut


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