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Montreal, a light oolong with nuts, hazelnuts, almonds, with a touch of maple, rich in taste and sweetness. Delicious hot or cold, with or without milk.

Ingredients: semi-fermented tea, walnut kernels, hazelnut pieces, almond pieces.



Montreal, a great Oolong-black, low in theine with nuts, hazelnut almonds, and maple, where a cloud of milk can accompany it beautifully.  Ideal for the afternoon or to accompany a dessert. It pleases the whole family. A beautiful winter coctail is made with a small cup of very concentrated and hot tea, with warm milk sparkling and sweetened with a drizzle of good maple syrup.

Ingredients: semi-fermented tea,walnut kernels, hazelnut pieces, almond pieces.

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Evening, Milk cloud, Nut, Oolong, Very low in theine


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