Blues de Prunes

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Blues de Prunes, sweet Oolong with plums and pea flowers, which gives a blue cup of great finesse. Low in theine.

Ingredients: Oolong Ti Kuan Yin tea, apple pieces, quarter plums, aroma, mauve flowers.





Large quarters of ripe plums in the sun and aromas of juicy plums with a floral touch are combined with the very unique flavor of our sweet Oolong Ti Kuan Yin. 
  This splendid mixture is well worthy of being called Blues de Prunes (plum blues), because it invokes very different blues.  Created by the blue flowers of butterfly peas. Undoubtedly, an original tea, to discover in all its aspects. Fine and delicate and weak in theine, he will be the kind friend of your moments of break.

Ingredients: half-fermented tea Ti Kuan Yin, apple pieces, quarter plums, mauve flowers.

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Fruity, Low in theine, Oolong


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