Jun Chiyabari Bio

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Jun Chiyabari Bio, extraordinary black tea from Nepal, intense fragrance of great finesse; low in theine, fresh taste with sweet notes. Origin BIO


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We are happy to offer you this extraordinary picking of organic farming! The success story began in 2000, when three tea lovers founded this delicious exclusive 75-hectare garden in eastern Nepal to produce tea in close collaboration with several small farmers, including high quality semi-fermented teas to compete seriously with Darjeeling and Formosa Oolong. Few batches are exported each year, less than 100 kg net.

They also produce this magnificent black tea, the Jun Chiyabari Bio, whose leaves, during their infusion give off an intense scent of hay flowers, the liqueur has a complex, aromatic-fresh, slightly earthy taste, with a sweet note, low in theine. Origin BIO




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Afternoon tea, Black tea, Exeption, Low in theine, Milk cloud, Organic origin


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