Café Decaffeinated from Colombia, Organic

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 Cafeine level:

Origin : South Americ, Colombia 100% Arabica Organic

Aromatic coffee without caffeine by the Swiss method that uses only water vapor; full of taste and simply delicious.



Origin and planting: Caffeine is a natural substance contained in many different plants, but mainly in the coffee plant. It has an invigorating effect and is therefore not suitable for everyone at all times. But that’s no reason not to enjoy coffee.

Decaffeinated coffee has been developed specifically for people who cannot consume caffeine or who want to avoid its invigorating effect. Many different chemical processes have been developed to decaffeinate coffee, but we strictly reject them all. Our decaffeinated coffee follows exclusively the natural “Swiss Water Process”. During this process, no chemicals are used, only pure water. This preserves the original character of the coffee, its flavour and aroma. Character and taste: Anyone who believes that decaffeinated coffee is dull and tasteless will be positively surprised. This coffee impresses with its expressive aroma as well as its voluptuous taste and should not be afraid of comparison with its non-decaffeinated model.

Organic origin.

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Bag 200g


Afternoon tea, Morning, Organic origin


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