Café Kachalu from Colombia, Organic

13.10  TTC

 Cafeine level:

Origin : South Americ, Colombia 100% Arabica

Not very strong coffee, not very tonic, aromatic and without bitterness, organic and delicious.



Origin and culture: It is in the middle of the South American rainforest, in the heart of Colombia, that the Kachalu farms are located, which enjoy a hot and humid climate all year round. Compared to Brazil, Colombia has the decisive advantage of not fearing cold waves that could destroy an entire crop.

Characteristic and taste: For a South American, it has a surprisingly strong, almost earthy and spicy character. The intense sweetness is complemented by complex flavors ranging from caramel to chocolate with a hint of sweet fruit. Organic origin

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Bag 200g


Afternoon tea, Morning, Organic origin


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