Pu Erh from Yunnan Bio

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Origin : China

Pu Erh from Yunnan Bio is a premium Chinese tea, whose leaf has undergone several stages of maturation and rest to achieve the desired quality. Low in theine, without bitterness, recommended to finish meals, even in the evening. Origin BIO

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Origin : China

Pu Erh tea is named after a city in Yunnan; its preparation is different, since it must undergo several times the ripening of the leaf, which will produce a tea very low in theine, without bitterness with a very dark cup. It can be compacted or in bulk.

Centuries ago, when this tea was only reserved for the privileged Chinese and was still traditionally buried in the soil in order to develop the typical taste, nobody would have been able to imagine that this would once develop industrial dimensions, not to think of an organic version. Thanks to special techniques and the necessary demand, this is now possible. We have selected a very well-established quality which is remarkable due to its dark-brown leaf and a strong, spicily-earthy taste. Depending on the brewing time and dosage, an infusion with an earthy, woody flavour and a darkly red-brown cup is the result. Tea that is brewed several times and can be drunk throughout the day.  Origin BIO

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Evening, Exeption, Organic origin, Pu Erh, Very low in theine


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