Piña Colada

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Delicious, fresh and splendid blend of green tea, pineapple and coconut. The true taste of Piña Colada for you.

Ingredients: Sencha green tea, pineapple pieces, grated coconut.




Who does not dream of a tropical beach in an exotic place, surrounded by coconut trees, with the sea breeze and a glass of Piña Colada in hand? Let us take care of you! Our Piña Colada tea can help you travel in an instant; prepare it cold, garnished with a piece of pineapple, with or without Rum, and offer it to your friends. Of course, if you drink it hot it will also be delicious.

Ingredients: Sencha green thé, pineapple pieces and grated coconut.

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Cold drink, Economical, Fruity, Green tea, Morning


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