Milky (Oolong Vert)

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Origin : China

Chinese Oolong tea, sweet, low in theine and without bitterness.  Its taste with creamy notes will seduce you immediately.


 Discovering the bouquet of this Chinese Oolong tea is probably one of the most surprising and enjoyable experiences you can have. Milky (Oolong Vert) is an exceptional specialty, as it is mainly worked by hand and its milky aroma is unique.

It comes from Fujian province and immediately after wilting, the still moist leaves are heated quickly in milk water vapor, which retains the pretty slightly olive-green leaf, and invokes the distinct scent and creamy taste. Subsequently, the leaves are rolled manually and dried.

An extremely soft tea low in theine and without bitterness, which we are sure will quickly seduce many new amateurs. Can be infused twice.

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Exeption, Low in theine, Oolong


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