Citron de Fraîcheur 97% Bio

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Citron de Fraîcheur 97 % Bio, a green tea of Organic Origin, light and fresh, with lemon, lemongrass and mint. Delicious during meals, excellent cold. To drink throughout the day.

Ingredients: Chinese Sencha green tea*, mint*, lemongrass, lemon peel*, natural flavour*, marigold flowers*, mango*, natural aroma. *Organic origin.


Four natural flavors to make the light and refreshing combination we love: Citron de Fraîcheur 97% Bio. Great hot or cold. Tip for preparing your cold tea in a simple way: prepare your tea with simmering water, with double amount of tea you use to drink it hot and after 4 min strain using a strainer, then let cool and serve decorated with ice cubes and a slice of lemon.

Ingredients: Chinese Sencha green tea*, mint*, lemongrass*, lemon peel*, marigold flowers*, mango*, natural aroma.*Organic origin.

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Citrus, Cold drink, Green tea, Hot drink, Low in theine, Organic origin


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