Hathikkuli Assam Bio GBOP

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Hathikkuli Assam Bio GBOP, a beautiful black tea for breakfast, very economical, originally from the Assam Valley, India. Full-bodied taste, with notes of malt and spicy aroma. Origin BIO


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The Assam Valley, south of the Brahmaputra in India is one of the largest regions on the planet that practices organic farming. This black tea is a “broken”, that is, the leaves are cut before being dried, to produce a very tonic drink that is perfectly suitable for breakfast, very good value for money.

We chose this tea for the beauty of its dark color, its strong taste with notes of malt, and its spicy aroma. Its name, Hathikkuli Assam Bio GBOP,  makes us dream of its country of origin, because Hathikuli means “The Valley of the Elephants”. From organic agriculture.




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Black tea, Economical, English style, Milk cloud, Morning, Organic origin


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